Trends of the 2000s That Make Us Cringe Today

16 Feb 2024

The 2000s were a time marked by bold experimentation in the world of fashion. From low-rise jeans to bedazzled flip-flops, this era saw a myriad of styles that captured the essence of its time. However, as fashion evolves, some trends from the 2000s now serve as reminders of the era's sartorial missteps!

Silicone breast implants and huge lips

Many celebrities in the 2000s openly embraced silicone enhancements, leading to increased acceptance and popularity among the general public. Celebrities with prominent breast implants and lip fillers were often seen as fashion icons and trendsetters.

2024-02-16 11.07.59.jpg?format=webp

Moreover, the media played a significant role in promoting silicone enhancements as desirable beauty standards. Magazines, television shows, and movies often featured women with augmented breasts and lips, portraying them as symbols of attractiveness and femininity.

Peroxide blonde

Peroxide blonde hair became a defining feature of the 2000s aesthetic. It was also featured prominently in music videos, movies, and fashion magazines, further cementing its status as a trend. By the way, this trend was easy to achieve.  

Peroxide blonde.jpg?format=webp

Hydrogen peroxide blonde hair could be achieved relatively easily with the use of bleach and hydrogen peroxide-based hair dyes. This accessibility made it a popular choice for individuals looking to change their hair color dramatically.

Bright fur hats

In the 2000s, bright fur hats were a fashion statement. They not only provided warmth but also added a touch of glamour to winter outfits. Many fashionistas embraced these hats, which came in various bold colors and styles, as a way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. 

Bright fur hats.jpg?format=webp

Whether adorned with pom-poms, tassels, or other embellishments, bright fur hats were a popular accessory during this era, adding a playful and chic element to winter fashion.

Nail art 

In the 2000s, nail art took on a bold and vibrant turn with the inclusion of colorful rhinestones, eye-catching stickers, and other embellishments. This trend allowed individuals to express their creativity and personality through their manicures, adding an extra pop of color and flair to their overall look. 

Nail art.jpg?format=webp

Rhinestones, in particular, became a popular choice for adding sparkle and glamour to nails. Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, they could be arranged in intricate patterns or used as standalone accents to create dazzling nail designs.

‘School’ caps

Hats with school plaid patterns, also known as checks or tartan patterns, were a notable trend in the 2000s fashion. These hats often featured the classic plaid designs reminiscent of traditional school uniforms.  

School caps.jpg?format=webp

Whether worn with jeans and a sweater or paired with a dress and boots, hats with school plaid patterns added a touch of vintage to any look, making them a sought-after accessory during the 2000s fashion era.

A cardigan with a fancy knit

Of course, today such a cardigan looks funny, but in 2000, it was a super trend! Firstly, it's warm, and secondly, it's very unusual! Apparently, those who wore sweaters with reindeer and snowflakes in the 90s wore similar cardigans.

A cardigan with a fancy knit.jpg?format=webp

Well, there's really something funny about this clothing, especially the knit on the sleeves looks amusing.

Ruffles everywhere

In the 2000s, designers added ruffles to everything they could - skirts, t-shirts, dresses. Ruffles around the neckline, like on the dress in the photo, were especially popular.  

Ruffles everywhere.jpg?format=webp

Of course, the dress had to be form-fitting. And yes, the shorter, the better! Glamorous chicks used to wear such dresses, but now it looks funny.

Jeans embroidered with stones

Fashionistas in the 2000s decided that simply wearing jeans was boring, so many preferred to wear them embroidered with stones, sequins, and other embellishments! The shinier, the prettier! At least, that's what they thought at the time.

Jeans embroidered with stones.jpg?format=webp

By the way, there are still models of such jeans today, but it's unlikely that anyone who wears them could be called stylish; rather the opposite.

More knitted items!

Knitted garments were one of the trends of the 2000s. Many people even made such items themselves. The larger the knit, the more stylish the item was considered. However, today's trends have changed, and a sweater like the one in the photo looks very old-school.

More knitted items!.jpg?format=webp

But if you still have one from the 2000s in your closet, you can use it to keep warm at home during the cold winter.

Bright heels

If you wanted to be a style star in the 2000s, you surely remember that high heels were in trend. The first rule is that the higher, the cooler. The second - you can never have too much brightness!

Bright heels.jpg?format=webp

The photo is just a perfect example of 2000s footwear - high heels and very bright - leopard print plus gold.

Denim vests

In the 2000s, denim vests were all the rage in fashion. They became a staple piece in many wardrobes, offering a casual yet stylish addition to various outfits. Whether adorned with patches, distressed details, or embellishments, denim vests added a touch of edginess to any look.  

Denim vests.jpg?format=webp

Paired with jeans for a double-denim look or layered over a dress, denim vests epitomized the fashion trends of the 2000s!

Long false eyelashes

Long false eyelashes and extensions were a prominent trend! These enhancements to lashes became a defining feature of many makeup looks during that time. Many women sought to achieve a bold and glamorous appearance.  

Long false eyelashes.jpg?format=webp

Long false eyelashes and extensions were often paired with vibrant eye makeup and served as a statement accessory, adding depth and allure to the eyes. Their popularity reflected the desire for bright beauty standards!

‘School’ style

School plaid patterns, especially on mini skirts, emerged as a notable trend in fashion. These classic plaid designs, reminiscent of traditional school uniforms, gained popularity for their youthful appeal.  

School style.jpg?format=webp

Mini skirts adorned with school plaid patterns became a wardrobe staple for many fashion-forward individuals, offering a playful yet chic option for casual and semi-formal occasions alike.

An excessively bright look

In the 2000s, brightness was in fashion. It's not just about loud clothing but also about makeup. Fashionistas confidently paired bright lip and eye makeup, and on top of that, they would wear a form-fitting tank top with a deep neckline.

An excessively bright look.jpg?format=webp

Naturally, they'd wear a double push-up bra underneath! Being a wallflower was, to put it mildly, not fashionable.

Sequin mini dresses!

Another hot trend of the 2000s! In such dresses, many fashionistas frequented discos or trendy parties. You could kill two birds with one stone - showcase your slender legs and shine with glamour.

Sequin mini dresses!.jpg?format=webp

Dresses of all shades were in trend, not just bright ones, but also black ones. The main thing was for the sequins to sparkle brightly!

A hat with a fluffy pom-pom

While some fashionistas of the 2000s went to parties in glittering dresses, others, more modest, strolled the streets in cold weather wearing similar hats.

A hat with a fluffy pom-pom.jpg?format=webp

Such headwear was worn not only by children and teenagers but also by adult women and sometimes even guys. The hat with a pom-pom looked cute and amusing, and most importantly, it kept you warm.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Creative haircuts were in trend in the 2000s! Firstly, an asymmetrical bob when one side is longer than the other, creates a dynamic and edgy look. Also, side-swept bangs were in fashion. Bangs cut diagonally across the forehead, adding asymmetry and framing the face.

Asymmetrical haircuts.jpg?format=webp

Pixie cuts with asymmetrical fringe were also popular. They looked like short haircuts with longer, asymmetrical bangs that swept to one side.

Fur coats

Fur coats were a symbol of luxury and glamour in the fashion world. They were often seen as status symbols and were worn by celebrities and affluent individuals. Whether they were made of mink, fox, or other luxurious furs, these coats were prized for their warmth, softness, and opulence.

Fur coats.jpg?format=webp

However, fur coats also faced criticism from animal rights activists who opposed the use of real fur due to ethical and environmental concerns.

Hair coloring

In the 2000s trendy hair styles were not only about creative cuts but also about unconventional hair dyeing. Many fashionistas loved adding strands of bright colors to their hair - blue, green, red, and so on!

Hair coloring.jpg?format=webp

Celebrities often influenced this trend as they frequently sported similar hair dyeing. Fashionistas wanted to emulate them and approached their hairstylists with similar requests.

Long acrylic nails

These nails, often referred to as "acrylic extensions" or "long artificial nails," were highly popular among women seeking to achieve a glamorous and sophisticated look. Long acrylic nails were typically achieved by applying acrylic extensions over the natural nails, which were then shaped and filed to desired lengths and styles.  

Long acrylic nails.jpg?format=webp

They offered versatility in design, allowing individuals to experiment with various colors, patterns, and embellishments to complement their personal style.

Caps and hats, especially those adorned with sequins

These accessories added a touch of sparkle to outfits, making them stand out in both casual and formal settings. Caps with sequins became particularly popular among fashion enthusiasts looking to add an eye-catching element to their look. 

Caps and hats, especially those adorned with sequins.jpg?format=webp

The use of sequins on caps and hats reflected the era's fascination with bold and statement-making accessories. By the way, stars often appeared in similar images at concerts and in music videos.

Leather leggings

In the 2000s, leather leggings emerged as a fashionable wardrobe staple. These form-fitting bottoms offered a sleek and edgy alternative to traditional trousers and jeans.  

Leather leggings.jpg?format=webp

Leather leggings were crafted from high-quality leather or faux leather materials, providing a modern look. They became popular among fashion-forward individuals seeking to add a touch of sophistication and rock-and-roll flair to their outfits.

Bright tights and stockings

Fashion-forward individuals embraced bright tights and stockings in a variety of bold hues and patterns, ranging from neon colors to eye-catching prints like stripes, polka dots, and geometric designs. 

Bright tights and stockings.jpg?format=webp 

These statement accessories were often paired with skirts, dresses, and even shorts, creating youthful looks that were both fun and stylish.

Sweaters with a diamond pattern

In the 2000s, sweaters featuring a diamond pattern enjoyed widespread popularity in the fashion scene. The diamond pattern typically consisted of repeated diamond-shaped motifs across the fabric. 

Sweaters with a diamond pattern.jpg?format=webp

These sweaters came in a variety of styles, including crew neck, V-neck, and turtleneck, catering to different preferences and occasions. Some sweaters featured large, bold diamonds, while others incorporated smaller, more intricate patterns for a subtle yet elegant effect.

One-shoulder top

Another hit of the 2000s - garments with one shoulder, especially when it comes to tops. Many fashionistas believed it looked alluring and glamorous. Especially when the top is embellished with ruffles, like in the photo.

One-shoulder top.jpg?format=webp

Today, such clothing is no longer in trend, and if you want to look stylish, it's better to opt for a more modern version of a top.

Fishnet stockings

These stockings featured a distinctive design with deliberate slashes or cutouts, adding an edgy and rebellious vibe to outfits. They became a statement accessory, often worn with skirts, dresses, or shorts, especially in alternative and punk-inspired fashion. 

Fishnet stockings.jpg?format=webp

The slashes contributed to the daring and provocative aesthetic of 2000s fashion.

Bright waist belts

Fancy belts served as statement accessories, worn over clothing to cinch the waist and add a pop of color and style to outfits. Often featuring bold hues and eye-catching designs, these waist belts were favored by fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement with their attire.  

Bright waist belts.jpg?format=webp

The addition of bows and other embellishments further enhanced their appeal, adding a playful and feminine touch to the overall look.

A scarf over clothes

In the 2000s, wearing a scarf as an accessory over clothing was a popular trend. This style allowed individuals to add layers and textures to their outfits while also making a fashion statement.  

A scarf over clothes.jpg?format=webp

Whether draped loosely around the neck or tied in various knots, scarves served both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing warmth and adding visual interest to outfits. The versatility of scarves made them a key accessory in the 2000s fashion landscape!

Lace tops

These tops came in various styles, including blouses, shirts, and camisoles, catering to different tastes and occasions. The intricate patterns and textures of lace fabric provided a romantic and vintage-inspired look, making lace tops a versatile choice for both casual and formal wear.  

Lace tops .jpg?format=webp

They could be paired with jeans for a relaxed look or worn with skirts or trousers for a more polished look.

Lots of bright jewelry

In the 2000s, it was fashionable to wear a lot of bright jewelry for several reasons. Firstly, it was a time of bold and expressive fashion, where individuality and self-expression were highly valued. Bright jewelry allows individuals to make bold fashion statements and express their unique personalities through their style choices.  

Lots of bright jewelry.jpg?format=webp

Additionally, the popularity of pop culture icons and music genres such as hip-hop and grunge influenced fashion trends, leading to a preference for vibrant and eye-catching accessories.


Fashion in the 2000s saw a resurgence of interest in dreadlocks as a hairstyle.  They became more mainstream and were embraced by people of diverse backgrounds, including musicians, artists, and fashion enthusiasts. 


Dreadlocks were often styled in various lengths, thicknesses, and colors, allowing individuals to express their personalities and cultural affiliations through their hair.

Distressed jeans

In the early 2000s, distressed jeans with large holes became a prominent fashion trend, reflecting a rebellious aesthetic. These jeans, characterized by intentional rips, tears, and frayed edges, were popularized by various celebrities and musicians, contributing to their widespread adoption among youth culture. 

Distressed jeans.jpg?format=webp

Almost every fashionista had similar jeans in her wardrobe! This item is still popular today but with smaller holes.

To make sure everyone around could see the underwear

In the 2000s, there was a trend towards overt seductiveness, even bordering on light vulgarity. Some fashionistas were so bold in their clothing choices that they made sure their bras were visible through semi-transparent blouses or that their thongs were showing above low-rise jeans.

To make sure everyone around could see the underwear.jpg?format=webp

Nowadays, such outfits would look, to say the least, strange. That was such an unusual fashion trend.

Chemical hair perming

In the 2000s, chemical hair perming was a popular trend among many individuals, especially those seeking to create fashionable looks. This process allowed for a transformation in hair texture, making it curly, wavy, or adding volume.

Chemical hair perming.jpg?format=webp

Many beauty salons offered chemical perming services, allowing individuals to achieve the desired hair texture that reflected the trends of the time. This trend was embraced by both men and women, adding diversity to hairstyles and enabling individuals to express their personal style.

Smoky eyes

Such bold eye makeup was in fashion in the 2000s! Fashionistas experimented with the darkest eyeshadows and eyeliners. Many believed that such makeup made the look more seductive and mysterious.  

Smoky eyes.jpg?format=webp

Now we understand that it's far from the truth. Smoky eyes are a very tricky makeup style, and if done incorrectly, it can visually age you by several years.

Elaborate hairstyles

Such hairstyles were popular, especially for various celebrations like birthdays, weddings, etc. Curls, braids, and hair accessories adorned with flowers, glitter, and other ornaments were in vogue.  

Elaborate hairstyles.jpg?format=webp

These hairstyles were considered a sign of elegance and femininity, but today we understand that simply straight hair looks much more stylish.

Short bolero jackets

In the 2000s, short bolero jackets became a fashionable trend, especially as part of evening wear and formal attire. These cropped jackets were often tailored to accentuate the waist and were adorned with various embellishments such as sequins, beads, or embroidery.

Short bolero jackets.jpg?format=webp

They provided a stylish and versatile layering option, adding a touch of sophistication to outfits for both casual and formal occasions.

Suits with vests and lowered trousers

Usually, under such suits, people also wore a sweater or a blouse; however, especially daring girls could go out like the girl in the photo. Today, similar jackets are a symbol of old school and anti-style.

Suits with vests and lowered trousers.jpg?format=webp

But in the 2000s, everything was completely different. To become the star of the office, you needed to dress something like this.

Shorts and a leather jacket look

In the 2000s, it became fashionable to wear leather jackets with denim shorts. Leather jackets added a touch of ruggedness to the outfit, while denim shorts provided a relaxed vibe. 

Shorts and leather jacket looks.jpg?format=webp

Of course, often the girls didn't look weather-appropriate – after all, it was hot in such attire during the summer because of the jacket, and chilly in the fall because of the shorts. But what wouldn't you do for the sake of fashion?

Metallic fashion

Metallic fashion made a significant impact, with garments and accessories shimmering in silver, gold, and metallic hues. Shiny metallic fabrics adorned dresses, skirts, tops, and even footwear, adding a bold and glamorous touch! The metallic trend was versatile, ranging from subtle accents to full-on metallic looks.

Metallic fashion.jpg?format=webp

It was often paired with other trends of the time, such as asymmetrical cuts, bold patterns, and unconventional silhouettes, creating looks that were dynamic and eye-catching.

Leather jackets with fringe

In the 2000s, leather jackets with fringe became a popular fashion choice, embodying a blend of edgy style and Western-inspired flair. These jackets featured leather construction adorned with fringe detailing along the sleeves, back, or hemline.

Leather jackets with fringe.jpg?format=webp

The appeal of leather jackets with fringe extended across various fashion subcultures, from rockers to bohemians, each adding their own interpretation to the trend.

Cropped corset tops

These tops were characterized by their form-fitting silhouette, often featuring boning or structured panels reminiscent of traditional corsets. Cropped corset tops were versatile pieces that could be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.  

Cropped corset tops.jpg?format=webp

They were frequently paired with low-rise jeans, mini skirts, or cargo pants, adding a touch of edge and femininity to various outfits.

Cowboy style

Hats with their wide brims and distinctive shapes, became a staple accessory! Western-style boots, often adorned with intricate stitching and embellishments, emerged as a trendy footwear choice, both for their fashionable appeal and practicality.

Cowboy style.jpg?format=webp

Alongside hats and boots, other elements of cowboy fashion, such as fringe jackets, bandanas, and leather belts with oversized buckles, also gained popularity during the 2000s.


Louboutin heels, with their signature red soles and sleek designs, quickly became coveted accessories among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Of course, many wore cheap fakes!


The popularity of high-heeled shoes like Louboutins in the 2000s reflected a cultural obsession with luxury and status symbols. Despite their sometimes impractical nature, they represented a coveted fashion statement and a symbol of refinement and style.

Hats embellished with stones

In the 2000s, winter hats embellished with stones or rhinestones enjoyed popularity as stylish winter accessories. The trend of adorning hats with stones or rhinestones reflected a desire for opulence and individuality in fashion, as people sought unique pieces to express their personal style.  

Hats embellished with stones .jpg?format=webp

Celebrities and fashion influencers often showcased these embellished hats, further propelling their popularity and cementing them as coveted accessories during the 2000s.

Blouses tied at the waist

In the 2000s, it was fashionable to wear blouses by tying them at the waist, creating a cinched and tailored look. This style was embraced for its ability to accentuate the waistline and create a flattering silhouette.  

Blouses tied at the waist .jpg?format=webp

However, today, this trend is often regarded as outdated or an "anti-trend" due to shifting fashion preferences and evolving styles. The tied-blouse look from the 2000s may now appear lacking the modern and effortless aesthetic that many contemporary trends embody.

Dress over leggings

Another 2000s anti-trend that you can still see in women today. However, it's better to forget about such an outfit and opt for something more fashionable and modern.  

Dress over leggings.jpg?format=webp

Nevertheless, back in those days, fashionistas would even appear at glamorous parties in such attire - it was considered both cozy and supposedly stylish. But times change along with fashion!

Unbuttoned blouses over tank tops

It was fashionable to wear unbuttoned blouses over tank tops or T-shirts. Many fashionistas embraced this look for its versatility, pairing unbuttoned blouses with jeans, skirts, or shorts for a trendy yet comfortable look.

Unbuttoned blouses over tank tops .jpg?format=webp

While the trend of wearing unbuttoned blouses over tank tops was popular during the 2000s, it has since evolved, giving way to new fashion trends and styles.

Satin suits

Here's another example of a fashionable trend from the 2000s that it's better to forget about today, and if you have such a look in your wardrobe, it's better to get rid of it. However, during those times, many fashionistas could be seen wearing such suits.

Satin suits.jpg?format=webp

Most of them had serious professions - teachers, accountants, financiers, etc. This type of suit was in line with their professional dress code.

Mesh clothing

These items weren't just fashionable in boleros like in the photo, but also in tank tops and T-shirts! Men, especially, looked amusing in such attire on the streets.

Mesh clothing.jpg?format=webp

By the way, even today, you can sometimes see people in such clothing, but fortunately, it happens very rarely. Most people still follow fashion trends and don't want to be a walking anti-trend.