Celebrities Who Sacrificed Their Health and Lives for Filmmaking

08 Feb 2024

Millions of people around the world don't even consider that the acting profession is not always fun and glamorous. Sometimes it's very dangerous! There are many known cases when things didn't go as planned on set - actors got injured and even died... We have prepared for you the most incredible stories that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!

Alec Baldwin

Recall that about a year ago, during the shooting of an unofficial rehearsal for the movie Rust, when Baldwin was holding a prop gun, he accidentally shot and killed Ukrainian cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. At that time, the prosecutor's office dropped charges against the actor. 

Alec Baldwin.jpg?format=webp@Nicole Vassell,Peony Hirwani,Tom Murray/31 January 2023 14:13/ independent.co.uk

However, it has recently become known that Alec Baldwin has been charged again with involuntary manslaughter. The Washington Post reported on this. The main point of the accusation alleges that the actor was negligent in handling the prop gun.

Harrison Ford

The actor sustained serious injuries during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in June 2014. While shooting a scene aboard the Millennium Falcon, a hydraulic door reportedly malfunctioned and struck Ford, causing significant injuries to his leg and chest.

Harrison Ford.jpg?format=webp@amyavent/kettlemag.co.uk

The accident prompted an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, which later brought charges against the production company, Foodles Production (UK) Ltd, for breaches of health and safety law.

Diane Kruger

When you learn the details about the filming of cult movies, it sometimes becomes unsettling. It's terrifying to imagine that an actor could have come close to death on the set! During the filming of Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino choked Diane Kruger so intensely that she lost consciousness. 

Diane Kruger.jpg?format=webp@HT Correspondent/Feb 07, 2018/ hindustantimes.com

The director went too far because he wanted to elicit a realistic reaction to the choking. Thankfully, the actress regained consciousness later, as things could have ended tragically.

Sylvester Stallone

The actor is known not only for his unparalleled acting talent but also for his incredible commitment to his work. During the filming of Rocky IV, Sylvester tried so hard to make the fight scene spectacular that he asked Dolph Lundgren not to hold back on his punches. 

Sylvester Stallone.jpg?format=webp@Slystalloneshop/facebook.com

It's not surprising that one of them turned out to be so powerful that it damaged Stallone's heart muscle.

Robert Downey Jr.

The filming of Sherlock Holmes resulted in unpleasant consequences for the actor. During a fight scene, his colleague Robert Maillet miscalculated his strength and delivered a powerful blow to Robert. 

Robert Downey Jr. .jpg?format=webp@Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows/Best scene/Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law/Noomi Rapace/Affif Ben Badra/Eli D/YouTube.com

It's worth noting that Maillet is 205 centimeters tall and weighs over 120 kilograms! Robert Downey Jr. not only lost consciousness for a while but also received 6 stitches!

Taylor Hickson

During the filming of the movie Ghostland, 19-year-old Taylor was supposed to hit her head against a door with a glass panel according to the script. However, an incident occurred, and at one moment, the glass broke, and all the shards fell on the girl's face. 

Taylor Hickson.jpg?format=webp@Mark Hodge/8 Mar 2018/thesun.co.uk

Taylor still has a terrible scar on her face to this day. The actress filed a lawsuit against the film company because the producers failed to find stand-ins, find safe glass, and furthermore, the actress was not compensated. This was written by CBC on November 27, 2019.

KJ Apa

Filming in Riverdale brought not only success but also a broken arm to actor KJ Apa. He broke it on... Styrofoam! Surprising, isn't it? It turns out that in one scene, the actor had to break through Styrofoam disguised as ice, but he exerted too much force, hit his hand hard, and ended up with a fracture. 

KJ Apa.jpg?format=webp@RUSS BURLINGAME/May 11, 2017/ comicbook.com

Interestingly, due to the cold, the actor didn't immediately feel sharp pain and didn't realize what had happened right away.

Halle Berry

A film star broke her arm during the filming of the horror movie Gothika! In one scene, Robert Downey Jr., Berry's co-star in the film, was supposed to twist her arm behind her back but accidentally ended up fracturing her bone.

Halle Berry.jpg?format=webp@Did You Know? Robert Downey Jr. Broke Halle Berry's Arm | ScreenSlam/ ScreenSlam/YouTube.com

The production process had to be halted for two months, and Berry had to seek medical treatment. What an unfortunate situation!

Jamie Alexander

The beloved actress by many, suffered several serious injuries during the filming of the sequel to Thor. While shooting, she was descending a metal staircase in the rain and accidentally slipped. The fall was unfortunate, resulting in a displaced disc in her thoracic spine, injuries to eleven vertebrae, dislocation of her left shoulder, and a torn rhomboid ligament! 

Jamie Alexander.jpg?format=webp@JamieAlexander/twitter.com

Fortunately, Jamie was not paralyzed after such an incident, which was also a possibility... In the end, all scenes involving the actress were filmed separately after her recovery.

Isla Fisher

During the filming of the famous movie Now You See Me, the actress narrowly escaped death! It was one of the most intense scenes in Isla Fisher's life. She was trapped in a glass tank filled with water and nearly drowned. What happened?!

Isla Fisher.jpg?format=webp@Now You See Me OPENING SCENE (2013) - Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher Movie HD/Rotten Tomatoes Coming Soon/YouTube.com

It turns out that the chains binding her legs got tangled, but those around her didn't realize it, so Isla spent three minutes underwater!

Charlize Theron

This actress is not only incredibly talented and beautiful but also emotional! During the filming, she puts her all into it. And it so happened that during the shooting of Snow White and the Huntsman, she screamed so often and loudly on set that she pulled a stomach muscle! 

Charlize Theron.jpg?format=webp@Snow White & the Huntsman Official Trailer #1 - Charlize Theron, Kristin Stewart (2012) HD/Rotten Tomatoes Trailers/YouTube.com

It sounds unbelievable, but it turns out it can happen! Due to the pain, she couldn't move from her spot for some time. But gathering her courage, Charlize continued filming a few hours later.

Daniel Craig

In one of the scenes from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the actor has a plastic bag placed over his head, causing him to lose consciousness. It turns out that filming this scene didn't go without a dangerous incident. 

q1 (100).jpg?format=webp@The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Mikael gets caught (HD CLIP)/ Binge Society/YouTube.com

To monitor the actor's condition and prevent him from actually suffocating, they gave him a metal object — if the actor really lost consciousness, he would drop the object. And the worst thing happened! The crew pushed too far, and Craig actually stopped breathing for a while, so they quickly halted filming and brought him back to consciousness.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor had two unfortunate incidents during the filming of the well-known movie Django Unchained. First, DiCaprio cut his hand while smashing a glass on the table. It turned out that a shard got stuck in his palm, but Leonardo, despite the pain, still completed the scene. 

Leonardo DiCaprio.jpg?format=webp@40footstretch/Reddit.com

But the incidents didn't end there. Then, a real hammer fell on his head! Thankfully, everything turned out okay, but for subsequent scenes, they replaced the real tool with one made of foam.

Jim Caviezel

Filming The Passion of the Christ proved to be a challenging ordeal for the actor. It's hard to believe, but lightning struck Caviezel, who was attached to the cross, on the film set! 

Jim Caviezel.jpg?format=webp@Koimoi.com Team /May 3, 2023/ Koimoi.com

Fortunately, the actor wasn't harmed then, but during the filming of a prolonged torture scene, one of the actors accidentally missed with a whip, leaving a 35-centimeter gash on Jim's back!

Blake Lively

In the thriller Rhythm Section, this wonderful actress showcased herself in an entirely new role - she portrayed a heroine who seeks the truth about her family's death. 

Blake Lively.jpg?format=webp@CASSIE CARPENTER/25 November 2019/ DAILYMAIL.COM

However, the filming didn't go without consequences. Unfortunately, Blake Lively suffered a serious hand injury, halting the film's production for her surgery, and then again when Lively required a second operation.

Jake Gyllenhaal

While working on the film Nightcrawler, Jake didn't escape the need for medical assistance. He was so determined to perfect a scene that he injured himself during a mirror scene when the glass cracked right in his hands! 

Jake Gyllenhaal.jpg?format=webp@DAILY MAIL REPORTER/22 November 2013/dailymail.com

Despite a deep cut, the actor continued to perform the scene to the end, concealing his wounded hand behind the mirror. He was then provided with medical assistance.

Sylvester Stallone

During the filming of Rambo: First Blood Part II, Sylvester Stallone suffered a significant injury due to a failed stunt. Stallone leaped from a height into a nearby tree; however, the branch he was meant to grab onto snapped, causing him to fall roughly 15 feet to the ground below.

Sylvester Stallone .jpg?format=webp@RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD Clip - "The Cliff Jump" (1982)/ JoBlo Movie Clips/YouTube.com

The impact of the fall resulted in Stallone sustaining a serious back injury. The actor was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment and evaluation. The injury forced a halt in production while Stallone underwent surgery and embarked on a lengthy period of recovery and rehabilitation.

Rebel Wilson

During the filming of her new movie, the actress suffered a serious injury - she couldn't avoid a trip to the hospital. There, stitches were applied to her nose. Rebel shared a photo on Instagram, writing that she didn't want to end the film like this. 

Rebel Wilson.jpg?format=webp@Rebelwilson/Instagram.com

It seems Rebel got injured during the filming of the new indie film Senior Year, in which she takes on the role of a secret agent. We hope for a speedy recovery.

Aaron Paul

The performer of the role of Jesse Pinkman in the series Breaking Bad distinguished himself not only with excellent acting but also with a serious injury. In one of the scenes in the second season, the actor got so immersed in the role that he forgot about safety.

Aaron Paul.jpg?format=webp@Santanu/OCTOBER 4, 2023/fandomwire.com

When the actor forcefully flew out through the door, trying to escape from the police, he hit himself hard. As a result, Aaron even suffered a concussion and ended up in the hospital. As the actor himself recalls, after this scene, everything went dark before his eyes.

Steve Austin

The star nearly lost his leg during the filming of the movie The Expendables! When Austin's character was fleeing from a bomb explosion, he ran too close to the blast site. 

Steve Austin .jpg?format=webp@Interview with Steve Austin for The Expendables/ reelrave/YouTube.com

As a result, he seriously injured his leg and could have lost it altogether if not for a bag that happened to be in the path between him and the shrapnel. It can be said that a simple coincidence saved him!

Jason Statham

The famous actor nearly drowned during the filming of the third Expendables movie! When Jason was involved in a scene with a truck, he was behind the wheel, but suddenly the brakes failed, causing the truck to veer into the water. 

Jason Statham.jpg?format=webp@Tomris Laffly/August 10th, 2018/ filmschoolrejects.com

Then something terrible happened! At the same time, the door of the vehicle jammed, and the actor couldn't get out of the cabin. If the film crew hadn't reacted promptly, the actor could have drowned in that truck, but fortunately, he escaped with minor scratches and bruises.

Tom Cruise

During the filming of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, known for his dedication to performing his own stunts, was shooting a scene where his character, Ethan Hunt, leaps from one building to another. 

Tom Cruise.jpg?format=webp@Tom Cruise Stunt Injury on 'Mission: Impossible 6' Set in London/Variety/YouTube.com

However, the jump didn't go as planned, and Cruise slammed into the side of the building, instead of landing on the roof. The impact resulted in a serious injury to Cruise's ankle. Production of the film was temporarily halted to allow Cruise time to recover from his injury.

George Clooney

The actor sustained an injury during the filming of the movie Syriana, which resulted in unbearable headaches, pushing the actor to the brink of suicide - as reported by the British media The Sunday Times. 

George Clooney .jpg?format=webp@iranian guardsman cached the american CIA agent (Syriana)/ ChewieTheDark/YouTube.com

It turned out that in one of the scenes, where Clooney's character, tied to a chair, is being beaten and dropped to the ground, the actors went too far. Clooney hit his head hard during the fall and suffered a concussion. Following this, the actor developed incredibly severe headaches, which were terrifying!

Natalie Portman

During the filming of Black Swan, Natalie Portman had to undergo rigorous training to portray the role of a ballet dancer. Additionally, Portman faced challenges during the filming process, particularly in scenes that required intricate dance sequences and physically demanding movements. 

Natalie Portman .jpg?format=webp@Michael Pementel /December 28, 2020/ bloody-disgusting.com/

One of the most notable incidents involved Portman injuring her rib during a particularly strenuous dance scene.

Channing Tatum

The renowned actor unfortunately suffered a serious head injury during the filming of Foxcatcher. In the film, Tatum played the role of Olympic champion Mark Schultz. He approached the role with great seriousness, striving to emulate his character's real-life counterpart in every aspect. 

Channing Tatum.jpg?format=webp@Foxcatcher (2014) Great Part (High Definition)/ Erdem ÇAKIR/YouTube.com

However, Tatum's dedication led to an unfortunate incident on set. During filming, he accidentally struck his head too forcefully against a mirror, resulting in a gash on his scalp. Despite the injury, the scene turned out to be impressive, and it made it into the final cut of Foxcatcher.

Alex Wolff

In one of the scenes of the horror movie Reincarnation, he becomes possessed and starts banging his head against the desk during a school lesson. 

Alex Wolff.jpg?format=webp@MIYAKO PLEINES/MARCH 23, 2022/ slashfilm.com

For safety, a special table made of soft material was created for this scene; however, despite this, an unfortunate accident still occurred. Alex hit the hard bottom part of the structure, resulting in a broken nose and a dislocated jaw.

Henry Cavill

It turns out that the actor had to interrupt filming in the second season of The Witcher due to a leg injury. Unfortunately, Henry got injured while preparing for a scene at a height of six meters.

Henry Cavill.jpg?format=webp@Gravemaster in Interviewson May 23, 2023/redanianintelligence.com

It is worth noting that the show's creators found a way out of the situation, and while Henry was recovering, they decided to focus on shooting episodes involving other characters. After a lengthy recovery process, Cavill returned to filming with renewed vigor.

Charlize Theron

The star almost became paralyzed! What a nightmare! Trouble struck after a failed stunt on the set of the action film Aeon Flux. During filming, the actress opted out of using a stunt double and injured her neck during a scene on a trampoline. 

Charlize Theron .jpg?format=webp@ALEX PASSA/NOV 23, 2022/thethings.com

Some people stop walking after such injuries! After the incident, Charlize went for rehabilitation, and work on the movie had to be put on hold for a while.

Brad Pitt

This undeniably iconic actor also faced challenges during filming. While shooting the thriller Seven, Pitt accidentally slipped in the rain and hit his hand against the windshield of a car, tearing a tendon. 

Brad Pitt1.jpg?format=webp@Jake Rossen | Sep 25, 2020/ mentalfloss.com

But even this injury didn't stop Brad. He didn't want to take a break from work, and his colleagues accommodated him. Director Fincher decided to incorporate the main character's injury into the script. Brad Pitt played the remaining part of the film with his hand in a cast.

Nicole Kidman

It turns out that according to Kidman, her role in the musical Moulin Rouge was the most challenging in her career. The star revealed this during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Kidman refused to use a stunt double during the filming. She took stretching lessons and practiced dancing specifically for the role. 

Nicole Kidman.jpg?format=webp@Rripurnia/Reddit.com

However, despite careful preparation, Nicole lost her balance in one scene and fell awkwardly, breaking a rib. And that's not all! The second injury occurred during a fitting for her stage costume — Nicole was cinched too tightly into a corset, and her rib, which had not fully healed, broke again.

Gerard Butler

The filming of 300 Spartans brought the actor not only dizzying success but also back injuries. It turns out that due to constant back pain after filming, Butler developed a serious dependence on painkillers, and for six years, the actor could not give up medication. 

Gerard Butler.jpg?format=webp@Deus Vult!/Reddit.com

Eventually, he sought help from specialists and resolved the issue. As you can see, filming in movies is not as straightforward as it may seem from the outside.

Hilary Swank

It turns out that you can get injured not only during the filming of thrillers, action, or horror movies! For example, Hilary Swank got injured while working on the sweet romantic drama P.S. I Love You. 

Hilary Swank.jpg?format=webp@Micheleadele/Reddit.com

During one of the scenes, a clasp from Gerard Butler's suspenders flew off and hit the actress in the head! And such things happen! As a result, Hilary got injured and had to get several stitches on her forehead.

Jennifer Lawrence

Not all injuries to stars during filming are visibly apparent, but that doesn't make them any less serious and dangerous. For example, Jennifer Lawrence accidentally hit herself with a bow while running on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and then immediately dove into the water, causing the actress to temporarily lose hearing in one ear! 

Jennifer Lawrence.jpg?format=webp@Derf_Jagged/Reddit.com

What a nightmare! This incident explains her frequent falls on the red carpet due to balance issues after the ear injury.

Letitia Wright

No matter how fierce and dangerous the star may look on screen, sometimes things don't go as smoothly during filming. Letitia Wright ended up in the hospital during the shooting of the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever after performing another stunt in the role of Shuri. 

Letitia Wright.jpg?format=webp@‘Black Panther’ star rushed to hospital after on-set injury l GMA/ Good Morning America/YouTube.com

Letitia sustained moderate injuries and spent a long time in the hospital. You wouldn't wish that even on your enemy!

Kate Winslet

Not everyone knows that filming the iconic Titanic could have ended in death for Kate Winslet. It turns out that in an emotional scene where her character Rose begins to drown, the actress really almost died. She got caught in the dress on the door and, being underwater, began to suffocate. 

Kate Winslet.jpg?format=webp@michaelscott05/Reddit.com

Thankfully, she managed to surface, but that's not all. Kate decided not to wear a waterproof suit under the dress, and after filming, she got pneumonia. These are the unpleasant consequences.

Linda Hamilton

In Terminator, Linda played the role of an incredible woman! However, no one is immune to injuries - even the strongest people. During the shooting of the scene where she escapes from the psychiatric hospital, Hamilton forgot to put in earplugs, and when the guns fired, the noise not only stunned the actress but also damaged her hearing.

Linda Hamilton.jpg?format=webp@iGrayons/2020-10-22/ boomplay.com

Recovery from such injuries is usually lengthy, and being deafened, needless to say, is not very pleasant.

Dylan O'Brien

During the filming of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the actor suffered a severe brain injury accompanied by a concussion and numerous facial wounds! It sounds simply dreadful! 

Dylan O'Brien.jpg?format=webp@Bryan Alexander/Jan.25 2018/USA TODAY

The serious injuries occurred while performing a driving stunt. Additionally, the actor had several facial bones broken, requiring over a year for successful recovery, and as a result, he still has to live with metal plates in his head.

Michelle Yeoh

This actress is incredibly skilled in martial arts, so she doesn't need a stunt double even for the most challenging stunts. However, there's a downside to this. For instance, during the filming of fight scenes in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Michelle got injured.

Michelle Yeoh.jpg?format=webp@Laxmi/AUGUST 10, 2023/ fandomwire.com

It turned out that the actress tore a ligament in her knee. This injury requires surgical intervention and months of therapy.

Viggo Mortensen

During the filming of The Lord of the Rings, the actor broke two toes on his foot! Poor Viggo! While working on a scene, he kicked a helmet and let out a loud cry. On set, everyone was amazed by Viggo's brilliant acting, unaware of how much pain he was in.

Viggo Mortensen.jpg?format=webp@AbleYogurtcloset738/Reddit.com

Despite the pain, Mortensen didn't complain to anyone and managed to incorporate it into the overall scene. As a result, an incredible take was captured!

Margaret Hamilton

The film The Wizard of Oz is adored by millions of people worldwide! However, not everyone knows that Margaret, who played the role of the Wicked Witch, suffered greatly during filming. 

Margaret Hamilton.jpg?format=webp@OZ Museum/facebook.com

During the shooting of the scene where her character disappears, an unfortunate incident occurred: she suffered third-degree burns due to a malfunctioning trap door, which prevented the actress from getting to a safe place in time. Margaret took more than six weeks to recover.

Elizabeth Taylor

During the filming of National Velvet, young Elizabeth Taylor fell off a horse. Naturally, it wasn't without serious injuries. From the strong impact, several vertebrae shifted, almost leading to complete paralysis! 

Elizabeth Taylor.jpg?format=webp@Anna Stanek/10/07/2021/ horseyhooves.com

Brave Elizabeth gathered her strength and decided to continue working on the film under the influence of powerful painkillers. The trauma seriously affected the actress's health - she suffered from severe back pain for the rest of her life.

Ryan Gosling

The preparations for filming First Man turned out to be not only fruitful but also dangerous for the actor. It turns out that Ryan trained on a special NASA apparatus to better prepare for his role. 

Ryan Gosling.jpg?format=webp@STEFANIE WALDEK | PUBLISHED OCT 15, 2018/ popsci.com

Unfortunately, during one of the sessions, Ryan hit his head so hard that doctors diagnosed him with a concussion. So, sometimes, the acting profession isn't as glamorous as it seems at first glance.

Brad Pitt

Filming the final battle scene in the movie Troy was not easy for Pitt. During the scene, he landed awkwardly, experiencing excruciating pain. 

Brad Pitt2.jpg?format=webp@Achilles death | Troy (2004) movie scene/ Cinepedia/YouTube.com

Interestingly, it was symbolic because while portraying the Greek warrior Achilles, he tore his Achilles tendon. Thus, this unfortunate incident became part of the film itself.

Ed Harris

Working on the film The Abyss was very challenging for the film crew due to underwater scenes and filming in a tiny concrete tank from a decommissioned nuclear power plant. Ed Harris had to swim into a chasm 60 meters deep while holding his breath for a long time. 

Ed Harris.jpg?format=webp


His helmet filled with water, and something terrible happened - the actor ran out of air, and he signaled to the rescue diver to give him an oxygen tank. However, the diver got entangled and couldn't reach him immediately. The actor narrowly escaped death, but fortunately, he was saved by another diver.

Sean Bean

In the film Patriot Games, Sean played the villain Sean Miller, who had to fight and perish in the final showdown. 

Sean Bean.jpg?format=webp@Prantik/DECEMBER 12, 2023/ fandomwire.com

Unfortunately, an accident occurred, and the actor got injured when his co-star Harrison Ford accidentally hit him with a metal hook, slicing his forehead above the left eyebrow. This take was used in the film - all the blood seen by the audience was real.

Daryl Hannah

During the filming of Blade Runner, the actress slipped and fell onto a car, shattering the window with her elbow. This take was kept in the film - it looks amazing even though it happened accidentally and was not planned. 

Daryl Hannah.jpg?format=webp@Blade Runner (6/10) Movie CLIP - Deckard vs. Pris (1982) HD/ Movieclips/YouTube.com

It turns out that the actress slipped on wet asphalt and pierced a piece of real glass with her elbow during the fall, breaking it in eight places!

Gianni Russo

The actor was seriously injured during the filming (Godfather) of a scene in which Sonny Corleone (James Caan) finds Carlo Rizzi (Gianni Russo) and starts beating him viciously against a garbage can lid. 

Gianni Russo.jpg?format=webp@Angela Barbuti and NY Post/July 10, 2022/ news.com.au

James overdid it and ended up breaking Russo's elbow and two ribs! What a nightmare! Of course, the scene turned out incredibly realistic for obvious reasons.

James Franco

In Pineapple Express, the actor isn't just wearing a headband for style! It's not the stylist's idea, but rather an attempt to hide the three stitches on his head that the actor had to get during filming.

James Franco.jpg?format=webp@Pineapple Express - Dinner's Gonna Be Cold Tonight Scene (8/10) | Movieclips/ Movieclips/YouTube.com

During a scene where he crashes into a tree, Franco does it with such force that he actually gets injured. James decided not to take time off and continued filming.

Angelina Jolie

During the filming of the movie Salt, where the actress plays a CIA operative, she sustained an injury on set in New York. According to Columbia Pictures, Jolie hit her head hard, and after that, she was taken by medics to the hospital.

Angelina Jolie.jpg?format=webp@bellsofwar3/Reddit.com

Fortunately, the medical examination didn't reveal anything serious, and filming resumed. So, during the filming of thrillers, actors are indeed in special danger, even in reality.

Brandon Lee

The actor was tragically shot during the filming of The Crow by Michael Massee, an actor involved in the production. Massee was the one who fired the gun that ultimately caused the fatal injury to Brandon Lee. The incident was due to the accidental firing of a fragment of a real bullet that had become lodged in the gun barrel.

Brandon Lee .jpg?format=webp@ocean432/Reddit.com

Despite the tragedy, it was determined to be an unforeseen and tragic accident rather than any intentional act. Despite emergency surgery, Brandon Lee succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the young age of 28.